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Dr.Web Security Space

Dr.Web Security Space
OS: Android 2.1
Category: Antivirus
Tags: widget

Dr.Web Security Space - version of one of the world's most famous anti-virus programs, adapted specifically for Android mobile devices.Anti-Virus provides comprehensive protection for your smartphone or tablet from all currently existing threats to the time and does so with high efficiency.Protect your device with the help of Doctor Web Space security men.

Application is different from similar programs in a high speed and can be used successfully even in older Android mobile devices.Functional antivirus device to protect against the ingress of trojans, spyware progrmmm, hype, break.In addition the software allows you to locate the device if it is lost or stolen by the attacker.And that's not all!


scanning the file system with high speed Possibility of checking individual folders or files Presence technology Origins Tracing, which allows to detect previously unknown malware protection Supports SD-cards from startup the user are minimal requirements for "stuffing" devaysa

Software is simple to configure and manage.The interface is completely Russified, is pleasing to the eye control, large buttons and intuitive.Also, it should not cause trouble downloading and installing the application process that takes place in the automatic mode.Antivirus is simply necessary for all categories of users with antivirus software you can use to fully protect your tablet yl mobile phone.

Removing the log?- Go to the "Main Menu", then "Statistics", "Menu", "Save Log".The results will be stored on external memory card to the address \ android \ com.drweb \ files.

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