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Sounds of Nature: relaxation

Sounds of Nature: relaxation
OS: Android 2.2
Category: Health

Want to escape on 15 minutes from the office routine or household chores?Plunge into the cool spring forest or freshness of the sea?Away from the noise of everyday life and the problems that surround you?Select a sound, start the timer, put on your headphones and relax, relax, relax. .. None of musical soprovazhdeniya, only pure sounds of nature.

Program for those who have bad sleep, sleeping uneasily, office workers, people with fatigue, poor sleeping children and their parents and all those who want to be in nature often, increase concentration and improve well-being.

Full relax!
High quality water sounds, rain, sea birds singing and the noise of the waterfall, babbling brook!
Installing the sounds of nature on the SD card memory card!
None of music accompanied by a nor any of artificial tones, only the live sound of nature - forests, sea, jungle!
Timer for a comfortable sleep!
Prepare for meditation and self-hypnosis!Music therapy and
audioterapiya( water sounds, sounds of the forest, sea music, the sound of rain)!

Sounds program:
1) The noise of the surf
2) Jungle Sounds
3) The sound of rain
4) Birdsong
5) Sounds marine animals
6) Waterfall Sounds
7) The sounds of thunder and lightning storm
8) Sound of fire(fire crackling)
9) wind noise

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